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Piano lessons at Destiny Studio are perfect for students of all ages and skill levels.

No matter the level of experience, piano lessons at Destiny Studio are for everyone and now available at two locations.

Mansfield, Texas | Aledo, Texas 


There are two different approaches to learning piano. The classical approach and the contemporary approach. The classical approach is what your instincts tell you it is -- learning the traditional way by reading sheet music. 

Learning the piano the contemporary way means learning to play songs on the radio and singing along with them. This approach is ideal for the student who wants to perform while singing and playing the piano at the same time.


No matter the skill level or learning approach Destiny Studio piano student will...

  • Be assigned a specific set of curriculum that works best with their learning style

  • Further develop their fine motor skills

  • Be exposed to different styles of music

  • Gain confidence 


Fill out the form below to get started. The information you provide will help us best match you with the instructor that will help you achieve your goals : )

Do you have a piano at home?
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